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Women - Spiritual significance and advantage of being female.

India has rich spiritual culture. This misfortune of harassing on women is due to the fact that we have lost our faith in scriptures and no-body reads and understands scriptures.

Indian Rich Tradition has the example of great Saints Maitri, and Gargi, who have renounced the world and were, realized souls. King Janak , the videhi (one without the body sense) sat at the feet of his female servant Sulabha for Brahma Jnana (Knowledge of Self Realization).

There is Meerabai, Radha and lot more who have realized Brahman. We Chant the name 'Radhe-Krishna' and 'Sita-Ram' and not 'Krishna-Rashe' or 'Ram-Sita'. This signifies the value of women.

Dharma-Artha-Kama and Moksha should be following in the ascending order. Today, nobody is interested in Moksha, and dharma. So just artha (money) is earned by any means without the foundation of dharma. Then it is used to fulfill our desires (the way we want). Without the knowledge of shastras and deterioration of Dharma, women were feeling suffocation due to being 'jailed' in Moral, Cultral and 'Spiritual' cages, without understanding. This pressure of 'need to be free' or 'freedom' increased from generation to generation and by the western influence, today, women are now more liberated and are found in all areas of work.

Un-fortunately, it was women who criticized women more than men.

There is no question about the talent and potential of women, but today's Girls regard house work as 'inferior' and 'dis-grace' since they think that this is only the work of illiterate village women and not of highly educated ones.

If you see our culture, the biggest 'dana' (donation) of Samsari is 'kanya-dana' and only women has the capacity to re-adjust to a new surrounding, take multiple responsibility and bind the family together by Bhava.

Their qualities like tolerance, receptivity and following the instructions of her husband and other elders, being dependant upon him, etc ensure their spiritual progress. They do not need to put much effort since in meditation. Any one seriously meditating for Self-Realization will know that one needs these qualities, which are present, by birth in women. Un-fortunately, today's women, by being independent and self-earning, are loosing this qualities, thus resulting in increasing of divorce cases.

Everybody wants freedom, but nobody wants to realize his/her true nature (Self Realization) which is eternal freedom. Every activity one does is either fear motivated or it is to be safe or happy i.e. one should not have 'dukha'. Nobody cares for Self Realization which is eternal bliss, peace and immortality. (Mental) Renunciation is necessary for spiritual progress. But nobody wants to renounce his/her desires or Ego. Even people inclined towards religion and spirituality want both 'Bhoga' and 'Yog'. If both were possible, then metropolitan cities would be empty and there would be sky scrappers in himalayas. But this does not happen, since many of us does not wants to or find any need to be spiritual or to meditate. It is the ego which does not allow us to surrender to God or Guru and doubting and demanding mind adds fuel to the fire.

If you notice, Hindu Culture does not even give rights to parents to name their child. It is sister in law of the mother, who in near future will leave this house after getting married. Renunciation is found in all activities of Hindu Culture. It also encourages 'Seva' for the good of all with the spirit of detachment. Karma-kand is for the good of all, says Sri Ramana Maharshi in Sri Ramana Gita.

Male child was needed not just because he will help the parents in old days, but also for Guru-Shishya parampara. Father becomes a Guru and son his disciple, and the tradition passes from one generation to another. Female child were not criticized or killed. They were considered as a part of Goddess. they are necessary for evolution of men from spirituality. Mother, by giving birth to a soul gives him / her an opportunity for spiritual evolution. They give their father an opportunity to give biggest dana - 'kanya-dana' (donation) of daughter, whom is very dear to him, during her marriage. From spiritual standpoint, father and mother of female child are very lucky to have this divine opportunity. How can she be a curse or a liability? Can she be?

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Hari Aum


pheromones attract women said...

You have a very informative blog,just wondering why Hindu Culture does not even give rights to parents to name their child?



Hindu culture opens doors to spirituality, whose goal is moksha - Self Realization. Ancient saints created concepts in such a way that if one applies them, it brings one closer to self realization. For Self Realization, Renunciation is very important (atleast mental). Keeping all ill-practices against women aside, women do not need to take renunciation (I do not say they cannot or do not deserve). The life of women is such that it is very easy for them to progress spiritually.

Hinduism teaches that Karma (action) should be done with the spirit or detachment or acting as an instrument of God or only for God. It teaches to give responsibility to God. The feeling of ‘Me’ and ‘mine’ are not good for spiritual progress. This increases or sustains the ego and spirituality is to dissolve ego (sense of individuality) and be merged in totality. So, technically parents do not have right to name their kids. They can take care of kids and give the best they can, educate them, but when time comes, they even need to drop their attachment with kids and other family members, later on even with their own body. This is difficult to understand. It takes time and dedicated study of scriptures and meditate regularly.

In earlier days, new born babies were taken to saints for blessings and saints were requested to give suitable name of baby. Saints with their divine vision (which they get after intense meditation) can see the nature of baby and then used to name baby which suits his/her character. Unfortunately, today, these types of saints are found rare and if found are less active with society.

Even today, where people are not much interested in spirituality and just try to take pride of their religion, or choose to be an atheist, traces of Renunciation are found in day-to-day activities. Kanya-Daan (donation of daughter during marriage) and naam-karan sanskar or naam karan vidhi (naming procedure of child) are to name a few. Unfortunately, it is just followed mechanically, without proper or no understanding. Parents pre-decide the names and mother give it to sister-in-law to include this chosen name in the five options which she will give.

Living with the spirit of detachment is one of the core teachings of Hinduism.

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