Thursday, December 9, 2010

Do not become happy or unhappy when situations arise - can you elaborate?

Question:  Regarding getting rid off the agitations of the mind you said "Disassociate yourself from the mind, and simply do not become happy and unhappy." Can you elaborate on "Do not become happy or unhappy when situations arise" ?

Swami Ramsukhdasji ji:  Whatever path a yogi follows, Path of Knowledge (Jnana yoga), Path of Selfless Service (Karma yoga), or Path of Devotion and Love (Bhakti yoga), whatever situations comes in his way, neither become elated, nor become disappointed. This is everyone's work, not just for yogis. Who ever is intent on realizing God or the Self, for those spiritual aspirants (sadhakas), this point is very essential. However beautiful a thing you acquire, or however ugly an object you see, however favorable or unfavorable a situation that comes in your life, in these opposing circumstances, the one who neither becomes happy, nor becomes unhappy, that one will realize God. And the one that is elated or down, will continue to come and go in the cycle of birth and death.

Favorable and unfavorable situations will come to all. God (Lord Krishna), who is Arjuna's charioteer says - My brother, this is "sheetoshna sukhdukhadah". That is, graciously you must bare these situations. "taansstitiskhasva" (Gita 2:14). God does not say, I will relieve you of these painful circumstances, rather he says, to endure (sahan karo) in those situations.

Therefore do not become a slave to your own likes (raag) and dislikes (dwesh).

When something appears to be okay or not okay, do not become happy or sad.  Instead, be unconcerned about it, and everything will be all right. When disturbances come your way, do not become happy or unhappy. These situations will come and go. Make this your mantra - "It is coming. It is going. It is passing." However good or bad a situation is, the minute the agitations arrive, start to repeat your mantra - "It is coming. It is going. It is passing." This is the absolute truth. Neither favorable situations stay nor unfavorable situations stay. Only remember this much, it will not stay. In this you do not have to do any new work. Now with this discovery, what's to be happy and what's to be unhappy?

Source: "Man ki khatpat kaise mite?" book in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji.

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