Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Can the devotee obtain happiness?

Devotee (D): But can the devotee obtain happiness?

Maharshi Ramana (M): The devotee surrenders himself to the Master and it means that there is no vestige of individuality retained by him. If the surrender is complete, all sense of self is lost, then there can be no misery or sorrow.

The eternal Being is nothing by happiness. That comes as a revelation.

D: How can I obtain Grace?

M: Grace is the Self. That also is not to be acquired; you only need to know that it exists.

The sun is brightness only. It does not see darkness. Yet you speak of darkness fleeing on the sun's approach.

So also the devotee's ignorance, like the phantom of darkness, vanishes at the look of the Guru. You are surrounded by sunlight; yet if you want to see the sun, you must turn in its direction and look at it. So also Grace is found by the proper approach you make, though it is here and now.

Source: Sharanagati, Dec 2010, VOLUME 4, ISSUE 12, Ramanashram

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