Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why do I feel afraid during Meditation

Q: Why do I feel afraid during meditation?

A: This problem often occurs in those who have avoided becoming aware of certain desires and suppressed thoughts, as well as those who wish to escape from self-awareness, not wanting to analyze or understand their thinking process.

Actually a student is always safe during meditation, because the closer one is to the innermost, immortal reality, the safer one becomes. It is true that in meditation, hidden motivations and repressed feelings do become conscious, but the aspirant should cultivate inner strength and allow these things to come to awareness , and then learn to let go of them so they do not continue to distract the mind. Sincere effort and practicing meditation consistently and regularly, with firm determination, eventually help the student overcome such hurdles.

Source: page 84 - 85, Meditation and it's practice by Swami Rama

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