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Happy Deepavali And Peaceful New Year

Wishing You And Your Family A Very Happy Deepavali And

A Peaceful New Year

In today's age of anxiety, stress, tension and excessive competition, it is extremely necessary to live a Spiritual Life (of Prayer, Surrender and Meditation)

What is prayer?

Prayer is verbal communication with God. With words, with hyms, you establish your relationship with God.

Prayer is natural and easy way of communicating with God and that is your prayer. It is an expression of one's heart to God. Prayer is the natural and easy way of communicating with God. It needs no place or time. It only needs your expression of love. It is devotional approach, pure love dedicated to God. Prayer is an integral part of spiritual life.

What is Sharanangati (spiritual surrender)?

Sharanangati is the highest of all worship. It melts the Ego and merges the little self with the SELF or God. Sharanangati is to be surrendered to God in all phases of life and accept everything as a prasad (blessings) of God, be it good or bad. It is unconditional surrender that blossoms unconditional love and establishes one in highest non-dual state of Nirvikalp Samadhi.

What is meditation (sadhana)?

Meditation or sadhana is an effort to realize your true SELF or have divine vision of God. Meditation Is Being At Peace With What Is And Transcending What Is

When thoughts arise, do not force your mind to withdraw, but silently be aware of thoughts. DO not fight, if necessary, explain your mind that thoughts are not important and only God in important. This will reduce the power of thoughts and mind can be turned back. So meditation is being at peace with what is.

After mind turns aback, you leave the thoughts or scenes created by mind by chanting the mantra and surrender. So you transcend what is.

Meditation, Prayer and Sharanangati: A Permanent cure for emotional problems:

If one wants to burn anything, one has to use fire. There is no alternative to this, in the same way, to uproot the desires and to be free from all thoughts and emotions, which are the basis of diseases, one has to Chant the holy name of God, pray, surrender and meditate on him.

Meditation is the highest of all therapies, provided it is practiced systematically. Gradually aspirants learns to deal with their problems, fears and habit patterns. Every human being has the capacity to advance and is fully equipped to deal with gigantic problems, provided they follow their path with firm determination and sincerity. If when your human efforts are exhausted your still do not find peace within, then surrender yourself to the Self of all, the Lord of Life, God. Such self-surrender is the highest of all methods.

Start your meditation with prayer and then surrender to the God unconditionally. Prayer and Sharanangati have strength to remove all the worldly emotions and prepare our mind for meditation. Concentration is developed naturally and no or very little effort is needed to steady the mind to do Japa or self enquiry.

As Prayer and Sharanangati become stronger and one advances in meditation, all problems of emotional and mental origin fade away. Mind is purified. When mind is healthy, body is also healthy.

Do not go for shortcuts methods, they are not long lasting. Be Patient and go for traditional meditation methods, which are authentic and are practiced since time immemorial.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


Extracted from

Page 88, Meditation and it's Practice by Swami Rama

Page 69, The Divine Quest by Paramhansa Hariharananda

A discourse by Swami Sukhbodhananda

Discourses by Swami Tadrupanand

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