Monday, October 4, 2010

Meditation and Japa

17. Japa, meditation, ritualistic worship, prayer, remembrance, reading sacred books, association with holy men, godly conver�sation, retiring into solitude and thinking-spiritual thoughts-whichever of these at�tracts you, according to mood and oppor�tunity, and gives you joy, take advantage of that and do that. But meditation and Japa are the main things. Never miss them for a single day, however occupied you may be, or even in times of sickness or infirmity, in misfortune or calamity. In such circumstances, if you cannot or do not find convenient to carry on your practice in full measure, make salutation, pray and do Japa for at least ten or fifteen minutes.

Source: Parmarth Prasanga -Towards The Goal Supreme- Swami Virajanandaji of Ramakrishna Math

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