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Quotes by Paramhansa Hariharananda - 3



  1. If you are absorbed in the workings of the mind, then emotions, judgments, dislike, and other negativities arise and are reflected back to you in people, in nature, in the world.
  2. Breath is your life. Through the breath you will have restlessness or calmness. Watch your breath - then you will have calmness
  3. If you are constantly absorbed in the soul, then only love and goodness is reflected back. You see the good in everything.
  4. Heredity, environment, and culture are necessary for quick spiritual
  5. A truly spiritual person neither hates nor praises. He or she is beyond it, because it is all the play of one consciousness.
  6. There is a proverb: "the empty vessel sounds much." A person who is content within is a true yogi. That person who realizes the Truth does not speak about his attainment.
  7. Watch the breath that is slowly going and touching Him, and then you will get calmness.
  8. Only with thorough self-control and by practicing the technique can one go to the formless state. Calmly seek Him and watch Him. You will get divine joy.
  9. Live with love in every breath. In work and in every step of your life, always feel that you are not you, but the imperishable soul, always free and always detached.
  10. External vigilance is the price of liberty
  11. One should master breath regulation. Breath mastery is self-mastery, and breath control is self-control.
  12. Be ever vigilant so that no negativity can enter inside you.
  13. Remain focused on the soul and be spiritual.
  14. If you do not fight with your negative qualities, you cannot attain purity or perfection, but if you are fighting them constantly, then you can attain God-realization.
  15. Kriya Yoga meditation emphasizes fixing attention on the top, moving quickly from the lower centers to the higher ones.
  16. When you sit for meditation, you should keep your attention in the vacuum and focus on the atom point, and then you will hear the divine sound.
  17. A spiritual person shoud Make your heart pure and perfect.You should
    have thorough control over the heart propensities
  18. The body has many physical needs and weaknesses; hunger, thirst, and tiredness are just some of the obstacles to be overcome through sincere practice.
  19. By magnetizing the spine through the practice of Kriya Yoga, you can immediately withdraw your mind, feel the vibration in your head, and control your whole body.
  20. Always be aware of your goal. Do not allow forgetfulness.
  21. When all the power has gone to the fontanel, you cannot come back from there. You will not have awareness of where you are. The whole body becomes the body of God.
  22. To achieve success in life, you need to be careful, moderate, and balanced. An intelligent lifestyle and practical way of living will give you constant alertness and a taste of reality.
  23. In every human being the heart center is very powerful and vicious.
  24. Meditation is to go beyond all thoughts. If you remain focused on the
    soul you will perceive the thoughtless stage.
  25. If you lead a life of activity, and think that work is worship, then you will get salvation. There is no doubt about it. The presence of God is all over the material world.
  26. A life of moderation is the foundation of success. Moderation and balance are necessary in every step of your life. Even contemplation and meditation should be limited.
  27. The soul abides in every human being, so each person is a guru or master. Everyone could be like the masters, with the knowledge that the marvelous power of God is hiding within them.
  28. As long as you are not sleeping, constantly watch. He is always within you, even when you are sleeping.
  29. Just as you touch the bare electrical cable and feel the power entering into your whole body, the power of God remains in the body of the guru. Come with love, and be realized.
  30. If you can remember the guru and his teaching, and live accordingly, then your life will be filled with bliss and love.
  31. "Be still and know that I am God." This is the teaching of the Bible. It is the talk of God. Find out how to be still. The body, the breath, and the mind should be kept in harmony, rhythm, and calmness.
  32. Be always in the state of yoga, or union. You are never separated from God, as the wave is never separated from the ocean. You are always united with God, in love. Feel that constant union and live in this state.
  33. Through love and faith, practice a life of yoga and discipline. It will give you real transformation and spiritual attainment.
  34. Accept the guru as your eternal guide.
  35. The soul is beyond the five gross elements. Soul is the controller and
    conductor of everything.
  36. Be a person of faith and devotion. Practice with faith, and develop more love and devotion. Be united with me, with love and devotion. Love is the bond.
  37. Divide your stomach into four parts: two-fourths of the stomach for
    food, one-fourth for water, and one-fourth empty. This is the best
    principle for taking food.
  38. There is a jungle of thoughts in each of us, like wild flowers. You should not pluck many flowers. Offer your heart flower to God.
  39. Before eating food think many times about how much food you really
  40. Be thriving and enduring. When your effort is sincere, God Himself will guide you through the guru.
  41. What is in the universe? It is only He. What is in the body? It is only He, the power of God. Know that He is within you, and then transformation becomes possible.
  42. If by taking a bath in the holy river one will be spiritual, then all
    the fish and tortoises will get God-realization.
  43. Do not waste your precious time with unnecessary emotions, fears and anxieties. Seek the state of eternal peace. It is your birthright.
  44. When you look at yourself, you should remember that there are always two aspects within you: your body, made of dust, and your soul, the formless image of God.
  45. Only by changing the type of food eaten one cannot become spiritual.
  46. Breath is the symbol of life. Breath is visible in plants, animals and humans. Your breath is not really yours - it is the breath of God.
  47. Because of the soul in the body, you have breath, life, and love. Only by the meditation of Kriya Yoga can you come to know that the body and soul are one.
  48. Meditate and feel that you are the image of God, and that your breath is God's breath.
  49. The mother always gives toys to her children to keep them busy and entertained. Similarly, God has kept delusion in front of every person.
  50. Busy with the play of maya we are forgetting the real Mother and Father. With every breath, there is union between Mother Nature and Father Nature, the body and the soul.
  51. No one is friend and no one is enemy. Due to your behavior one becomes
    a friend or an enemy.
  52. Do not ignore the value of human life. Make the best use of it.
  53. Time wasted is life wasted. Use every breath. Use every moment of your time.
  54. Thorough control over all the centers in the body and all your
    activities will help you in your spiritual evolution.
  55. Mind can be a good servant, but a bad master.
  56. "Every moment there is a battle between the evil propensities and the
    divine qualities in the battlefield of your body, the battlefield of
    your life.
  57. Ignorance and knowledge are both coming from the same source.
  58. Three things should be clear about practice: regularity, repetition, and sincerity. Any practice undertaken must be accompanied with these three; then success is sure and certain.
  59. In our every disposition our inhalation changes.
  60. Constant practice of breath control can transform your life.
  61. The mind is the lord of all the senses. The breath is the controller of the mind. So breath control will lead you to mind control and liberation.
  62. Attachment brings all troubles, while detachment is the road to freedom. Live in the world, but be compassionately detached.
  63. Through breath control, when one withdraws the senses from the lower to the upper centers of the spine, one can achieve calmness and detachment, and so become one with the Divine.
  64. The sun is keeping the solar system together, and keeps unity and harmony in the cycle of seasons. In the body, the soul does a similar thing, keeping everything together in harmony. You have to feel the oneness.
  65. Silence has three meanings: stillness of body, calmness of mind, and peacefulness of breath. In such a state of silence, a teacher can impart the highest truth, and a disciple can easily assimilate and digest it.
  66. In still water the reflection is clear, but in a disturbed lake nothing is visible. Still the lake of your mind with the practice of inner silence!
  67. As the moon gets its light from the sun, so the mind reflects the light of the soul.
  68. In the body, the right eye is the sun, the left eye is the moon, and the third eye is the fire. If you go to the third eye, then you will feel the presence of God.
  69. In every activity you must perceive divinity. You cannot evolve if you do not live a life of awareness and consciousness.
  70. From the mango tree, you cannot get an apple. From the formless, you cannot get any form, but in all forms, there is still the formless. You are to seek and remember the formless in all forms.
  71. Always feel the futility of everything, then you will utilize every moment in God.
  72. The real worship of God is to watch Him constantly.
  73. Surrender to Him; you will attain peace and love in a moment's time.
  74. The spine will be just like a tube of light. Your whole brain will be illumined by the power of God.
  75. Although He is formless, God said He made us in His image. We live as form, but the body has a formless counterpart. Behind this visible body there is the presence of the invisible soul.
  76. The vacuum center in the body is the place of intelligence, religion, and philosophy. If one concentrates there and in the soul center, with a feeble breath, one can conceive a child of calmness.
  77. In the battle of life, one who is calm and not disturbed is yudhishthira, having excellence in the neck center, being religious and philosophical.
  78. In the heart center, you should harmonize your emotions. Do not suppress them or express them.
  79. How do you get above emotion? It is by transforming emotion into devotion and love. It is the state of inner transformation.
  80. Breath is not only the cause of life; it brings about quality of living, too. As is the breath, so is the mind, and as is the mind, so is the person.
  81. We are free if we realize that we are the soul. However, all the time we are thinking that we have so many responsibilities, and that we are bound to so many things. If the soul leaves the body, where is the responsibility?
  82. If we practice breathing slow, long and deep, then life will be more active and peaceful. Those who breathe fast live short lives.
  83. Work with a sense of detachment, and watch who is helping you to work. You are then free.
  84. When the breath is calm, as when you are only listening, your mind is calm. Transformation of your breath is the easiest way to calm your mind and life.
  85. Have a good heart. If the heart is full of ego, hatred, jealousy, anger, and hypocrisy, it is diseased.
  86. Weak people become angry or get upset easily. If there is something you cannot change, accept it. If it is something that can be changed, be strong and change it.
  87. Without atmosphere, air, there is no creation. As breath is life, to love breath is to love all the living creation.
  88. What cannot be changed has to be accepted. When you accept, you can either accept with a smile or accept with a tear.
  89. When you smile at a trouble, the trouble is not a trouble. When you cry due to a trouble, it becomes manifold and unbearable.
  90. Association and attachment breed temptation. You have to practice detachment with firm determination. Be compassionately detached.
  91. Only human beings can change their evil ways, their ups and downs, pitfalls, shortcomings, anger, pride - all their bad qualities. Then they can experience their own divine nature.
  92. Nothing belongs to you. Everything is a gift of God. You should develop this attitude in everything you do.
  93. When breath flows through the right nostril, the body, mind, and brain power are all active and when it flows through the left, usually the mind is less active and dull.
  94. You can be in the world, but you should remain in God. Remain compassionately detached and be free from the tempting world, otherwise you will be in the cycle of suffering.
  95. No one knows when temptation will come and knock on the door, so be alert. Constant alertness of the inner Self brings freedom from all troubles.
  96. God, or Self, cannot be known through the senses. We are always engrossed in the material world with our five sense organs and we are forgetting Him.
  97. Follow one master and be faithful. He can lead you to God.
  98. If you want to get God-realization, you should sit by the side of one master and practice as he directs, with implicit faith, love, and loyalty. Be free from doubts and confusion.
  99. Normally one is not aware of Reality and Truth, because they are looking outside and not inside. They look at creation, but forget the Creator.
  100. I do not say that God cannot be perceived; I am saying that God cannot be perceived by talk or by sight or sound, because sight and sound are coming from God, and so is the mind.
  101. Each human being is born for Self-realization, and should seek a realized guide and practice according to the instructions he receives.
  102. The desire should be born in the heart of the person for self-transformation and spiritual evolution.
  103. You should be conscious of your delusion, and question yourself every day, if you are to overcome it and proceed towards Truth. But first of all, you must have the deepest desire.
  104. Who is allowing you to think? It is the light of consciousness that illumines the mind. It cannot be thought of by the mind because it rules the mind. Because of this light, the mind is able to function.
  105. Sitting above, in the fontanel, is the abode of God. God has made it the softest place, and the life of God is hiding there.
  106. Breath, or air, is the super-electronic force of every human being, and is constantly creating and maintaining life.
  107. You should meditate and perceive the power of God within you. There is no other alternative.
  108. Self, the internal illuminator, alone is Brahman.
  109. Earning money alone cannot give real joy in life. One should be constantly learning the real art of thinking and living.
  110. God is everywhere. The presence of God is in the eyes as well as in the object seen. Seer and seen are God.
  111. Nowadays, it is not so easy to have good company, or to find a teacher, but if you are sincere in your quest, and pray, you will find one.
  112. In deep meditation one feels as though the body has no limits. The physical body is gone, and one can feel the cosmic form.
  113. Every religion teaches how to achieve calmness, the ultimate goal of all religions. This calm is possible when one is completely united with God.
  114. Breath is responsible for thinking and communicating. Breath helps us to speak. Every word is not only a vibration of sound, but also a vibration associated with the breath.
  115. There is a source for everything, including sound. As water is the cause of ice, similarly, divinity is the cause of all thoughts. Thoughts and God are one.
  116. Calmness and completeness are one and the same thing. If you are experiencing incompleteness, then you cannot be calm.
  117. Inner talk arises in the brain and is easy to change and regulate. It is clearly visible to those who are contemplative and meditative.
  118. Incompleteness breeds restlessness, while completeness is inner fulfillment. It is to be experienced through deep meditation.
  119. Each word should be like honey or milk, with all their nourishing qualities. Each word is like a mantra. It should be used properly, with utmost care and love.
  120. Every thought or word is a seed, which you are storing in your life as karma. This remains within you to give a result in the future.
  121. Knowledge, according to the Vedas, is both external and internal. The end of knowledge is in knowing one's Self.
  122. You should know that all your activities are for your Self-knowledge. You are doing everything only to know thy own Self.
  123. Submerge your soul in the Infinite before, during, and after any action.
  124. It is knowledge of the indwelling Spirit or Self-knowledge that helps us to understand life and live accordingly.
  125. When you are free from thinking of ordinary things, your mind will be absorbed in God, in the formless state of divinity.
  126. With sacrifice, if there is an element of ego, then there is no real result. In reality everything belongs to God.
  127. Heart is the place of emotion, ego, and attachment. You have to rise above all the propensities of the heart. Clean it thoroughly, surrendering it to God through regular prayer and meditation, and through sincere and steadfast effort.
  128. Causal body is the sound A, astral body is the vibration U, and gross body is the beauty that is M. If you add A+U+M, then it is om.
  129. The human body is like a pitcher. In this fragile pitcher of clay, the spiritual treasure resides, but you have to uncover it.
  130. In your spiritual life, if you go beyond the three bodies, or integrate the three bodies together with yogic practice, you will then get the imperishable talk of God. It is a nonstop, continuous sound in the ethereal state.
  131. Who am I? From where did I come? Who is my father? Who is my mother? Ask yourself these questions again and again to find the truth. You will see that this world is transitory, like a dream.
  132. The reality is within. A true seeker is one who is seeking to find the reality and truth from within. Such sincere seekers are rare.

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Original source: Nectar Drops by Paramhansa Hariharananda and other similar books written by Paramhansa Hariharananda.

Posted with kind permission from Kriya Yoga Institute.

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