Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is the difference between calmness and divinity?

I usually say calmness is godliness. Be careful of too much distraction; it will create trouble for you. When the mind is free from the temptest of temptation, it brings calmness within. This calmness is the first step, and divinity is the next step; so if you want to experience divinity, first become calm. To make yourself calm, have mastery over own body. The human body is restless, so keep your body still in your prayer and meditation. Then you can slowly regulate your breath. Breath is ordinarily unconsciously used, so people become a slave to their own breath, their own mind. A yogi can, through conscious breathing and regulated breath, bring calmness into him or herself with calmness of the body, slow, feeble breath, and calmness of the mind. The ordinary mind is restless and extrovert, running here and there. But a spiritual mind is peaceful, loving, and prayerful. When you meditate nicely you can really achieve calmness, and through calmness you can experience divinity. Calmness is godliness. Restlessness is human quality.

Source: page 127, The Divine Quest - Paramhansa Hariharananda

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