Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interpretation of 'Women and Gold' in the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna

'Women and Gold' is the direct word-to-word translation of 'Kamini and kanchan'.

(Kindly note that Sri Ramakrishna used to talk in parables so that any lay person can understand.

According to shastras, when one attribute (quality / emotion, etc) is given, it covers all other attributes of similar nature.

e.g. draw back (withdraw) the vision, shut down the eyes and then meditate.(Vivek Chudamani)

This includes all 5 senses and not just eyes. So by withdrawing all the senses from the sense objects one can easily concentrate on the mantra.

So draw back the vision, shut down the eyes and then meditate.)

It can also be translated as 'Lust and Greed' - as in new translation or 'Lust and Money'


'Women' should be taken as lust. Lust is a kind of desire (vasana).

'Kamini' = 'women' = 'lust' means all the dis-satisfied desires 'vasanas' and not just lust and definitely NOT JUST women (even though attraction to opposite sex is a natural desire in all)

Lust = any Desire = Kamini

Greediness / Money:

Gold symbolizes money. Money is needed to fulfill your desires. So earning money is itself a desire.

Greediness should include all the emotions like anger, irritation, non-tolerance, violence, etc. So one should not be greedy to earn money.

Greediness = any emotion = bhava

It is rightly said that when desires and emotions drop, meditation begins.



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