Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Prayer and Meditation

Jesus encouraged his disciples to pray in groups and pray alone. Praying in groups and praying along are the two aspects of divine communication using thoughts and feelings. Prayer with thoughts and feeling is the common art of communication with the divine. Prayer without thought- meditation is an advanced art of divine communication.

Prayer and meditation were the subtle teachings of Jesus to help every follower to make progress along the path of spirituality and love.

The prayer of Jesus is a prayer for forgiveness, a manifestation of his love and compassion. If we wish to grow spiritually we must develop this forgiveness, Instead of reacting to insult of injury we must accept them as the love of God. Ignorant people commit mistakes, but mistakes are not for the sake of mistakes, they are for correction. When you make a mistake do not justify your mistake. When others make mistakes, due to ignorance help them to be free from them. Act intelligently. In a loving way point out their mistakes. Do not criticize others. If you look at the negatives of people more and more, your mind will be filled with negatives.

Live a life of prayer and a life of surrender, a life of constant god communion. This is breath and soul of Christianity. Christianity in true spirit is the religion of continuous love and prayer. The Bible advises us to pray ceaselessly. We must not waste a single moment of single opportunity, because life is precious, the gift of God

- Paramhansa Prajnanananda (Stita Pragya)

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