Monday, May 31, 2010

An attempt to publish Spiritual books in braile - your help needed


"Aadhyatmic Chetna Samiti (Regd.)" has been doing the noble service of getting spiritual books (Vedic scriptures, Holy texts, stotras etc) printed & published in Braille language for the benefit of the blind.

Pandit. Ram Kumar Sharma, who is a Sanskrit teacher at the School for the blind New Delhi, started this with the help of a few other like minded people and is providing the scriptures and stotras etc. to the blind schools and students freely.

Some time back they released Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Braille for the blind.

Request you all to please visit their website and contribute as best as possible from your end. They are in urgent need of financial help to accomplish many such ongoing & future projects.

Contact person: Pandit Ram Kumar Sharma
Contact number: +91-9810207724

Spiritual Braile books:

Details in pdf:


(Opera does not render scribd properly)


(Some issues of esnips with browsers

Opera: Does not work even after downloading esnips downloader

IE 7: needs snips downloader (1Mb)

Google Chrome: Does not need esnips downloader.)

Info courtesy: Shri Gaurav bhai Kathuria of FHA via email

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