Friday, January 15, 2010


This is an e-book in pdf format published by Vishva Hindu Parishad.

It contains very good collection of prayers. It contains Sanskrit Slokas with English translation/pronunciation and its meaning.

Table of Contents of this book:

Prayer to Lord Ganesh

Guru Mantra

Prathah Smarna

Daily Prayers

Surya Namaskar

Bhojan Mantra

Prayers to Gods/Goddeses

Gayatri Mantra

Peace Invocation

Saraswati Prarthana

Prayer at Dawn


Atheshwar Stuti

Deeksha -- Valedictory Address


Ekta Mantra

Sangathan Mantra


Vande Mataram


Selected Aartis and Bhajans

Selected Bhavgeets and Songs


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