Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aum (OM)


Aum (OM) is the name of Album (containing one single track) sung by Pandit Jasraj. This is not continuous chanting of mantra Aum, but a continuous singing at different notes. The pitch varies from high to low and thus relaxes the mind. It is 45 minutes of continuous singing in a single Male voice with harmonium and occasional ringing of bells in the background. Best Effect when played at low volume with head phone. It can also be played at office  in a very low volume. Keeps one connected to divinity.

The audio is very old and I do not find it in any music store.

MP3 version is uploaded at To Listen Online / Download (53Mb - high quality) please visit

Hope you find it very useful.



Kindly Note that this is not a guided meditation.

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