Friday, October 2, 2009

Do you believe in caste system?

It is not a question of believing or disbelieving. I was born there and the caste system exits there. I was raised in that caste structure. There are no true caste system, we are children of God (from spiritual standpoint). We have only one real caste, our real nature, and we are all divine. For me, there is no distinction between castes, creed, colours, races or languages. To me, all are God’s children and all are divine, but as some people do not practice spiritual discipline systematically, their potential divinity is not being manifested. In my understanding of human beings, there is no distinction of caste.


When you pray, meditate, are devoted to God and study the scriptures, you are a brahmin. When you are doing work to take care of your physical body, such as exercise, you are like a warrior. When you go to  work to earn money or go shopping, you are like a businessman. When you take a shower, shave your face and comb your hair, you are like a shudra, the helping class.


When you are always God Conscious, the inner spiritual meaning is that you are a brahmin. When you are working to eliminate your weakness, trying to kill your weakness, fighting with your inner evil, you are a warrior, a kshatriya. When you use your time in a very calculated and disciplined way, you are a businessman; time is capital. When you are trying to develop the qualities of spirituality, love service, kindness and compassion, then you are in the forth category, a servant, who serves people.


In the inner meaning of depending upon your personal traits, qualities and your activities.


Source: Page 51, The Divine Quest by Paramhansa Hariharananda of Kriya Yoga.


Anonymous said...

caste seems to exist among all countries, some more pronounced/visible to the senses than others..beginning of mankind, mankind seems to always want to separate each other, maybe for reasons of their human needs. However, all children of God are of his Spirit and he does not have a caste. Looking into the eyes of an individual being or creature, you know this and can sense this. If people practiced more love, they would have a hard time differentiating each other from each other. Love can be the key to all things, small and great. Maybe for this reason, we are given many chances to live, sometimes it takes a bit longer to realize this. Thank you for these soul awakening messages and may they serve the peace that it will serve and create love among people and on this earth.


Yes you are right please read

What is Love?

How do I develop love in my daily life?

Hari Aum

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