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What should we change in our daily life to reach the goal?

The article suits one who practice Yog.

What should we change in our daily life to reach the goal?

Prajnananandaji: In order to fulfil the daily life, one must take note of one’s weakness and failures through earnest self analysis and, with the utmost honesty, fight to eliminate all the negative impulses from one’s life. Every evening one should contemplate and evaluate one’s activities throughout the day and have the strong determination not to commit the same mistake over and over again. Mistakes are to be corrected, repeating the same mistakes becomes a bad habit and, as once a bad habit is ingrained it becomes difficult to eliminate it, one should strive to live a disciplined life becoming regular and systematic in one’s daily routine. A disciplined life is the barometer of the fulfilment of one’s sadhana (meditation). To achieve the highest goal in life one should possess sufficient physical, emotional and spiritual strength in order to overcome all the obstacles. The spiritual path is said to be razor’s edge, it is very difficult and at the same time very easy. One should use time in economical way; just as some people become misers with money, one should become a miser about spending one’s time. Time is more precious than money. Discipline, ingrained good habits and a careful use of time will help us regulate both body and mind. A yogi always does everything with adequate measure and always at the proper time. One succeeds in attaining the highest goal of life if one has inner strength. The desire to transform one’s life should lead one to set up a goal – oriented life filled with a combination of prayer and love for the Divine and His entire creation.

Source: The lineage of Kriya Yoga Masters – Paramhansa Prajnanananda, Pages 134 – 135.

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