Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Realize that when I meditate in ashram, I experience more peace and ananda than at home. Why?


Do not worry, this does not mean that you are not correctly practising meditation.

You have not transformed your home into a spiritual home or ashram.

At home, you live with more emotions and more reactions while here in ashram, to some extend, you are free from emotions and reactions. The atmosphere changes in places where many people meditate on regular basis and this is why you find it easier to meditate more deeply in the ashram.

Extracted from The lineage of Kriya Yoga Masters – Paramhansa Prajnanananda, Pages 144 – 145


westwind said...

Do not give up meditation at home if it means you have more time to meditate. Also, once you are firmly in the habit of setting time aside for meditaiton and are well established in the technique of meditaiton, it will be easier away from the ashram. Another thing to consider is that as your ability to meditate increases, you will have instant access to the wisdom found therein and utalize it when you recognize a problem that needs wisdom beyond the intellect, and perhaps meditating at home allows a bridge between the two.


True. I agree with you. But this does not mean that it is easier than meditating at ashram. Both will become one and the same.

Regularly meditating at home does have many advantages and makes one more stronger than to meditate in ashram. In ashram there is guru's grace. So many people find it easier to meditate at ashram.

But meditating at (place of living) home is very important.



Parag5 said...

There are two aspects to this.
One is when you meditate in the ashram where your Guru is , you are in his energy field , your thoughts settle down and after settling down you come to your own self. In that state you dont have any worries , stress etc.. these wordly things just disappear, that is the Guru's energy field.
Second is that when you meditate in a group , the group energy works which in turn build up the energy fields in the ashram or any center of meditation where you practice meditation in groups with the master.
At home the energy field is different , you might be the only person meditating at home that is why you feel the difference. If the whole family meditates it will be much better, by regularly meditating with your family you can create the ashram right in your home.

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