Thursday, June 18, 2009

What is meant by Christ-consciousness?

Prajanananandaji: Christ is the symbol of eternal perfection. Christ is Truth and the path to Perfection. One has to tread the path of perfection in order to reach the state of soul consciousness. One must constantly endeavour to be perfect in every thought, word and action. One reaches the state of perfection through regular practice and integrated awareness. When the wave merges back into the ocean becoming one with the ocean, it will attain perfection. The wave is born in the ocean, but due to temporary delusion it thinks: ‘I am the wave.’ The ‘wave-consciousness’ brings a sense of separation from the ocean and, due to this, many complexities appear in one’s life. When the wave fully perceives that it is the integral part of the ocean, the ego and delusion will disappear. Only constant perception of unity will remain and, as a consequence, love will manifest not only towards ocean but towards all waves. That is why, at a certain point, Jesus said: ‘I and my father are one.”

Source: Lineage of Kriya Yoga Masters by Paramhansa Prajnanananda, pg 125

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