Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How can one have unswerving devotion for God at all times?

Question:   How can one have unswerving devotion for God at all times?

Swamiji:  One way to have unswerving devotion (avyabhichaari bhakti) that is there at all times, is if we entrust everything to God.

When one follows these five golden principles (panchaamrit), devotion becomes very simple. These five principles show the Art of Living in this world. They are -

1) We are only God's

2) Residing, in His kingdom only

3) Doing His (good and auspicious) work only

4) Receiving only His offerings

5) With the offerings (prasad) received from God, serving only His family.

So what it the main essence ? It is small, simple but yet very powerful. I am God's and I am no one else's. And everything is God's. So when everything is God's, what do we do? Simply enjoy! There is no more work remaining to be done for us. Only God's work is to be done, and reciting His name, contemplation on Him, hearing about His pastimes etc.

Source: "Art of Living" by Swami Ramsukhdasji


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