Monday, May 11, 2009

How to control the mind?

For average people, it is difficult to control the mind. Self Enquiry is difficult for beginners. So Maharshi ji in Sri Ramana Gita, out of compassion, has given us the steps how one can control his/her mind.

Maharshi ji says, due to strong attachment in the worldly issues, it is difficult to have control over the mind.

Such individual can take the help of Pranarodh to stabilize the mind. It is easier then controlling the mind directly. Just like a bird trapped in the net cannot do anything, with the help of breadth control mind cannot run in any other direction. It can be tamed. With the help of Breadth control, senses and desires can be under the control of mind and can be stabilized into the origin of the desires.

Pranarodh means to observe the breadth with the help of mind. With constant (prolonged) observation of breadth one can master kumbhaka (holding the breadth). If mastering kumbhaka is not possible, then by following the rules of Hatha Yog, one should master Kumbhaka.

Source: Sri Ramana Gita [6 (ManoNigrah – mind control), 2-6]

Please note that Maharshi ji later says that after having control over mind, an individual should turn towards Self Enquiry. So Maharshi ji has believes that pranarodh can be used as the tool, but is not the destination. Finally, a person gets the feeling of completeness and feels satisfied by establishing in the SELF. And this can be done by knowing our true nature. To know our true nature, one should inquire, ‘Who am I’.

Pranarodh can be used and is effective in taming the mind. It is definitely useful for beginners.


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