Friday, March 6, 2009

Indian Spiritual Blog Search Engine Released - Includes 23 blogs

Dear Divine Souls,

Searching for spiritual blogs is a bit difficult. So I have created a customized Google search engine. This search engine searches all the blogs listed on my blog.

Url of the search engine is

The search box is also located on the blog just after the “Table of Contents - All Posts” in the footer.

The blogs included in this search engine are

I Reviewed these blogs and has found the posts useful and inspirational.

If you know any more blogs, then please let me know. I will review the blog and add it to this search engine.

Hope you find this search engine useful.




vishnupriya said...

very nice to see so much of divine love being shared through blogs.

kd gupta said...

Very nice effort
Just look at this too


Browsed your blog. But Find it difficult to understand. The mixture of hindi and sanskrit and english makes it difficult to understand.

I tried to comment on your blog, but commenting is only restricted only for team members.

There are some controversial or doubtful comments.

e.g. in post titled Hinduism

Hinduism is Prahlad in Hirankashipu , Laksman in Surpanakha and humanism above animalism of eat drink and be merry...sisnodar par jampur trasan ...goswamiji writes. The main concept of hinduism is shraddha or faith on almighty parmatma which leads to BHEDBHAKTI [ parabhakti ] or devotion with some difference that is also called Vedastra .Gita says....Ashraddhayaa hutam dattam tapastaptam kritam cha yat;

I think hinduism came from vedic dharma and has it's roots into vedas and upnishads. Gita covers, Karma, Bhakti Jnana and upnishads covers even ajata vada like, mandukya Karika and Ashtavakra Gita.

Gita also talks about a-parabhakti and ananya bhakti - devotion in which the devotee does not consider any difference between him and the object of devotion.

I appreciate the hard work. I do not consider myself as an authority in spirituality, but my personal opinion is that it should not give correct and proper information. There are many more controversial and doubtful statements in most of the articles I read.



Sandy Shaw said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Indiaspirituality Amrut said...

Though the link is of spiritual / social nature, please do not give misleading title. Please keep title of link clear indicating to where it points to.


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