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There is a lot of information on this blog. It is possible that in one session, you may not surf the whole blog to your hearts content. Many of you must be visiting the blog more than once. There are sections like INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES, LIVES OF SAINTS, and my favourite QUOTE OF THE DAY (QOTD) - automatically updated daily, which generally needs to be visited more than once specially “quote of the day”.

Since the blog takes to much time to load, I created another clone blog for faster surfing for regular users including me. (I know this is going to decrease the hits, but I do not care much about it). Sometimes I visit my blog only for “quote of the day” and it takes to much time and Mbs’ to load it.

To make things easier, I created INDIASPIRITUALITY Toolbar. This toolbar gets easily installed, in one click, in Firefox or Internet Explorer just like Google toolbar. It also contains an uninstaller, incase you wish to uninstall. It gives an easy access to this blog, so that on whatever page your are surfing, you are just a click away from INDIASPIRITUALITY. More, this toolbar can be customised, so if anybody wants to modify it, then it can be done. you can give me the links you wish to add. I will update it when I get time. Alternatively, you can yourself create a toolbar of your own at There is no need to own a website or a blog. It is easy to learn and create the toolbar in minutes.

To take a look at how this toolbar looks like and to download it, please visit

After the toolbar is installed, a welcome screen on new tab / window will appear stating that the toolbar is completely installed. Something like this


Now you'll always have the best of our site delivered right to your browser.
You'll get our latest news, links, alerts, and more. It’s a great way to stay connected!
Check out the Toolbar Options , where you can choose these cool components and more...


Toolbar options is a great way to customise the toolbar. You can remove the default radio button or any other component. Click on this link “Toolbar Options” and it will show you where are the options located.

The best part is, if I update the toolbar, then you do not need to reinstall it nor do you need to restart the browser. More, it updates or rather synchronizes in seconds. You can immediately find new links added in the toolbar.

Some Buttons / links in the INDIASPIRITUALITY toolbar

Home Page link

Search Box

Search Box with default “google search” and “Search this site option”. Search in other sites also available. Click the Small Triangle on the left in the search box to see the options.



Links to some of the posts.

Recent Posts

This is a RSS Feed and gives the headlines of the posts. So now at the click of the button you can know that there is a new post.

Quote Of The Day (QOTD)

Daily updated Quotes by Famous Saints. These are not random quotes as generally found in the quote of the day widget. They are parsed so that none of the quote is missed.

Toolbar RSS

There is an option to directly communicate with the author of toolbar. It is labelled Toolbar RSS. If there is an update, or if somebody who has installed the toolbar needs to communicate with the creator of toolbar, then this can be found here. It is a kind of messaging centre, where you can directly communicate with the author and all other toolbar users.

Requests/comments/suggestions can also be emailed at the email id of blog (indianspirituality[a], replace [a] by @. This is for stopping spam spiders from catching the email id. I do not want my inbox to be flooded with spam)

Hope you find this toolbar useful.



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