Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj

Eternally free of attachment, as well as, one knowing the essential nature (tattva), revered Shri Swami Ramsukhdasji Maharaj, for over 102 years, remained immersed and blissfully connected in expressing Paramatma (Supreme Consciousness, Divinity, Truth) for sharing with the World. Staying far from spreading the importance of a particular person, and only spreading the message of Bhagavan (God) and His words (Gita), remained the main aim and focus of His life. Therefore he stayed entirely and completely away from having his photograph taken, feet being touched, worship, engaging in guru - disciple relationship, accepting gifts, accumulating money, having possessions, building ashrams, forming groups etc. In this manner, not getting people to be drawn towards him, he engaged them in Bhagavan (God).


In the least amount of time and in the easiest way that all of humanity can be liberated - was His only aim, and in this aim alone, his life was surrendered. On this subject, he discovered many new and extraordinary ways. In the path of Supreme spirit and knowledge of identification of the Soul (Self) with it, he investigated and deliberated on the hidden mysteries, secrets, meanings, most complicated and highest of subjects, and he brought these in front of the general public in an easy way manner, whereby even the most ordinary and common man with limited education can also with ease understand and apply it to their lives. 


On the Gita, Swamiji has also written an extensive and very detailed commentary, by the name of "Sadhak Sanjivani", published through Gita Press, Gorakhpur. Besides that, He has also written "Gita Darpan", "Gita Madhurya", "Gita Prabodhani", "How to Lead a Householder Life", "Is there No Salvation without a Guru?" and various other books, that are extremely well received and loved by many. The lessons from the books, leave an immutable, irrevocable impression on the readers, as these are not dependent on just scholarly writings, but are based on realizations.


Simply as a small tributory leading to a wide ocean, this limited, concise introduction of Swamiji is written with the objective that maximum number of people read the books, lectures, and messages of Param Shraddhey Shri Swamiji Maharaj and thereby uplift themselves and gain from it.  


With reverence


A Sadhak  


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