Friday, January 2, 2009

Station Master - by Gunnar Mühlmann

After a meeting with the man you see in the picture to the left, I spontaneously felt like hugging him goodbye.

At that time I had no thoughts like the ones you can read here.
The room in which we were was dark and unbearable hot - Indian summer June 2000. And his presence felt like something in between ice and light.
So I went like a moth towards the candle and embraced it.
He replied:

Why does this man embrace this body?
My wife says it stinks!

The universal truth behind this statement made by this old retired stationmaster living somewhere in a dark room without fan can be found in the ancient Indian scriptures as well as it can be rediscovered by any individual who has the courage to loose herself into itself.

The universal truth in His words are: You are not this body!

But at the same time this grumpy old runkedor through his unique humor had managed to add his own distinct "smell" to the universe.

There is no other being on this planet similar to this Stationmaster.
I think you can sense it - looking at these rare photos.

(They were actually taken against his will and with a disturbing flashlight - forgive me!)

When Bharadwaj and I knocked on the door to the Stationmasters humble house he made one thing clear from the very beginning. Actually he made it a condition for our entering his premises that each of us had to chose now - if we had not done so already.

He said:

You have to chose... there is no middle path ... either this world or GOD!

I must confess that I was irritated by the predictability in his words. Now this was a typical spiritual cliché! I have heard this statement many times before... (Oh, how wrong I was!)

Do you have any questions?
If you don't have any genuine questions you might as well leave now!!

His intense, impolite behavior caught my body between the chair I was going for and his couch. He grabbed my arm and practically forced my to sit beside him on his couch. His face went closer to mine - it stopped when our faces were around 5 cm from each other. Through a distinct odor of "old man" a pair of laser-eyes had spotted their target - a deer caught on the middle
of the road by the lights from a car - collision was unavoidable.

Do you know that the most important sense to conquer is the sense of feeling?
Through the skin it covers the whole body. Therefore I never use a fan -
not even in June! You are all slaves of positive feelings through this sense.
Now what is your question?

I then asked him how he had conquered his skin and the world. His answer made me sweat and freeze at the same time.

I was sitting on this couch. I held a knife to my throat.
I said:
Oh mind! - if you rise your head I will cut...
Then the mind did not come.

In this moment the world stopped.


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