Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bhagawat Gita - Swami Chinmaya


Bhagawat Gita is available in the downloadable format in 2 versions. One with english tranlation and commentry and other with sanskrit to english translation followed by commentry. Both have to be installed in the pc.

There is one more ppt by Swami SWAMI ISHWARANAND on "SPIRITUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE" which is also interesting.

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MEETA said...


I have read a few books by swami chinamayananda - gita, ashtavakra gita etc

Some where he had mentioned that very few hindus know the true meaning of Bhagwat puran.
Can we please know where to find this true meaning of bhagwat and ramayana?



Dear Meeta ji,


Swami Chinmaya's commentary is a good one. I also like the pravachan of Mahamahdaleshwar Swami Avdheshananda Giriji maharaj, which comes on Astha channel at night (approx 11:40pm - I do not remember exact time). He connects the stories to the Jnana i.e. gives essence of the stories connecting with the upnishads.

The reason Swami Chinmaya says that very few Hindus know the true meaning of Bhagawat Purana or any other shastras is

1. Books give clarity but it is just information.

2. Shastras are a collection of experience of Realised Saints from time immemorial. So to know the true meaning one should have purified mind or subtle intellect.

3. Only pure mind (shuddha mana) or subtle intellect (sukshma Buddhi) can correctly interpret and understand the true meaning of shastras.

4. Pure mind and subtle intellect develops by constantly meditating on God (with Form or Formless). Less the no of dis-satisfied desires more is the purity, subtler is the intellect.

5. An advanced meditator can experience what Bhagawat Purana says. As one’s heart is purified by Love for God, one can easily understand.

6. The triggering force with which one reads shastras and meditates. Reading for just curiosity does not help much.

7. Many things are not given to the masses. Only preliminary explanation, which are easy to understand for a common men are given. They may lack subtle Essence.

8. Many spiritual authors go out of track and insert their personal life incidents. They stray from focusing on the subject on many occassions.



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