Friday, October 3, 2008


I am starting a new series of HOLY SAINTS OF MODERN INDIA, where in I will try to give background information of ADVENT OF THEIR LIVES ON THIS EARTH and SOME OTHER BASIC information.

I am beginning with SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARAMHANS (1836-1886). I will be extremely obliged and thankful if ANY OF YOU ALSO CAN SEND ANY INFORMATION OR LINKS TO ALL SAINTS OF MOTHER INDIA...

It cannot be said that India’s national life was free from defects before the conquest of the West. But the nation was then vigorous and full of life, so its people constantly strove to rectify those defects. As we observe a certain lack of effort on the part of the nation and society today, we understand that the application of medicine in the form of materialistic Western idea is about to kill the patient along with the disease.

It is now evident that the degradation of religion in the West has also affected India. In fact, it is striking to see how far that degradation has spread all over the world in this present age.

If there is any truth in religion, and if by God’s grace one can attain that truth, then undoubtedly the present hedonistic age has deviated far from it. Modern science has improved the condition of human life by providing people with various objects of enjoyment, but it has failed to bring peace. Who will not set it right? Who will be so moved by the constant restlessness and agony of the world’s people as to relinquish personal enjoyment and find a new religious path suitable for the present age? Who will halt the degradation of religion in the East and the West and teach people to follow the new path of peace?

Lord Krishna has promised in the Gita whenever there is a decline in religion, he embraces his own maya in order to become incarnate, to restore religion and help people to regain peace. Will not the need of the age intensely arouse his compassion? Will not the need of the age intensely arouse his compassion? Will not humankind’s emptiness and anxiety induce God to assume a body?

The need of the age has accomplished that task! The Lord has truly reappeared as a world teacher. Listen with faith to His blessed messages: “As many faiths, so many paths'; ' you will realize the Lord through any spiritual practice performed with a sincere heart.' (And also ' All will certainly realize God if they are earnest and sincere.') Reflect intensely upon the superhuman renunciation and austerities Sri Ramakrishna practiced to revive the Supreme Knowledge! Come, let us purify ourselves by studying and meditating on his pure, divine life. ....Continued

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