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Yogi Ashwini’s Sanatan Kriya

"Creation emerged from stillness. The ultimate purpose of yog is to gather that stillness inside because it’s the stillness which is the ultimate strength and power, for it holds the complete Creation in it”, says Yogi Ashwini, the guiding light of Dhyan Foundation.

The strength and persona that He commands and exudes, and the experiences one gets, just by being around Him are enough proof that these are not empty words. A living master and a modem day yogi, who has taken the initiative of bringing “Yog” back to its original glory and presenting “Yog” to today’s world the way it used to be taught in ancient times. He has laid the foundation of Dhyan Foundation and His teachings are strictly based on the ancient principles of Yog. The uniqueness of Yogiji’s teachings is the “Guru - Shishya Parampara”, where each one is taught as a unique individual and is put on to the practices on a one to one basis.

He was initially a ‘Pranic Healing’ teacher and has also been associated with various Himalayan Masters. He spent some time alone in silence for a while, doing his practices and helping others around him. The sublimating effect he had on others eventually saw the informal birth of the Dhyan Foundation. He has an honours degree in Economics from Delhi University and a masters is management. He is widely traveled and has students in various countries. He has been teaching for many years.

For him Yog is not business, but complete sadhana and it is NOT yog if any aspect of it is adulterated or modified according to one’s requirements. It is with this purity of thought He formulated Sanatan Kriya, which encompasses all eight limbs of Ashtang Yog, without any dilutions and modifications.
Yogi Ashwini emphasizes on Yoga as a subject of experience and not intellect, and it is by no means certain rapid movements, picked up from aerobics and other sports which are being termed as asanas and breathing techniques called pranayamas, these days, which promise to give you beautiful healthy body. In fact Patanjali, the fountain of yog explains asana as “Sukham sthiram asanam”, that posture which is still and which gives bliss is an asana Patanjali nowhere talks about asanas in the entire Yog Sutras. In the race to gather more and more students and make more and more money most of the present day. yoga teachers have forgotten the basic principles of Patanjali Ashtang Yog. For the masses it is difficult to comprehend that how stillness can give you that beautiful glow and strength in the body, and the ones who are selling yog obviously do not have the capacity to make that happen, for they do not themselves know what yog is, so to please these masses yog is being misrepresented and wrongly shown.

The effect of rapid asanas and/or improper breathing techniques, in a majority of case, may lead to mental / physical injuries and imbalances (chemical and hormonal).Yogi Ashwini says that this is the reason for Maharshi Patanjali not giving asanas to the masses.
Asanas require the body to be in balance before they are practiced. And SANATAN KRIYA helps bring this balance. Some so-called yogacharyas have commercialized YOG and have taught them to anyone who offer good cash.This is the reason for YOGI ASHWINI’S coming out in the open. Dhyan foundation is just dedicated to make the people aware of pure yog and pranayam, as instructed by Maharshi Patanjali.

Dhyan Foundation volunteers teach Sanatan kriya to every new seeker, every Sunday in New Delhi.

Dhyan Foundation also runs regular weekly sessions at Ludhiana, Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow, Dehradun and will soon be starting sessions at Boston, Frankfurt and London.

For more details and to contact Dhyan Foundation, visit

Adapted and modified from Mystic India Page (12) May - June 2oo8
Writeup by:
Shri Hari - Volunteer / member / teacher in Dhyan Foundation,
Edited by indiaspirituality


nitasha said...

I wanted to add a recent experience i had when i visited Ludhiana in Punjab . There i met a Sanatan kriya practisioner, she was app. 69 years old, and she shared with me,''my sugar report is clear, my uric acid report is clear , my cholesterol report is clear. I was amazed, as all her reports 6 months ago were in the danger zone.She was ofcourse overjoyed, and wanted to share this information with all , so that people can benifit from the unique Kriya that YOGI ASHWINI has formulated and given to the world.

nitasha said... Is the facebook group link

Anonymous said...

A commendable Initiative by Dhyan Foundation during the time when we are forgetting our own culture and really do not know which direction to look for knowing our heritage. Sitting in the drawing rooms we are being told all sort of stories about yog and our heritage. This comes as a refreshing change in all this. This talks about getting to stillness(I tried sitting still and now I know it is not easy, mind is wandering, pain in knee etc.. ).

Have more to write, but that will be more of Intellect discussion, planning to start Sanatan Kriya more after self experience.


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