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Parables of Sri Ramakrishna

In a certain village there lived a very pious weaver. Everyone loved and trusted him. The weaver used to go to the market to sell his cloths. If a customer asked the price of a piece of cloth, he would say: "By the will of Ram a, the yarn costs one rupee; by the will of Rama, the labour costs four annas; by the will of Rama, the profit is two annas; by the will of Rama the price of the cloth as it stands is one rupee and six annas." People used to have such confidence in him that they would immediately pay the price and take the cloth. The man was a true devotee. At night after supper he would sit for a long time and meditate on God and repeat His holy 'name.' 

Once it was late in the night. The weaver hid not yet gone to sleep. He was sitting alone in the courtyard near the entrance, smoking. A gang of robbers was passing that way. They wanted a porter and seeing this man, they dragged him away with them. Then they broke into a house and stole a great many things, some of which they piled on the poor weaver's head. At this moment the watchman came. The robbers at once ran away, but the poor weaver was caught with his load. He had to spend that night in confinement. Next morning he was brought before the magistrate. The people of the village, hearing what had happened, came to see the weaver. They unanimously declared, "Your Honour, this man is incapable of stealing anything." The magistrate then asked the weaver to describe what had occurred. The weaver said: "Your Honour, by the will of Rama, I was sitting in the courtyard. By the will of Rama, it was very late in the night. By the will of Rama, I was meditating upon God and repeating His holy 'name.' By the will of Rama, a band of robbers passed that way. By the will of Rama, they dragged me away with them. By the will of Rama, they broke into a house. By the will of Rama, they piled a load on my head. By the will of Rama, I was caught. Then by the will of Rama, I was kept in prison and this morning I am brought before your Honour." The magistrate, seeing the innocence and spirituality of the man, ordered him to be acquitted. Coming out, the weaver said to his friends, "By the will of Rama, I have been released." Whether you live in the world or renounce it, everything depends upon the will of Rama. Throwing your whole responsibility upon God, do your work in the world. 

Original Source: Source: Sri Ramakrishna Jivan Charitra (Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna) by M

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You are here to discuss and share your spiritual journey in the light of Holy Trio i.e. Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sri Maa Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.
As we all know that they are the role model for every Religion and also the pride of Scientific Hinduism which establishes with all its said Eternal Truth.
We invite all to participate and share also to educate themselves in their Spiritual Journey.

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We invite your practical suggestions and active cooperation. The more we engage ourselves in this 'venerable job' of infusing the spirit of GOODNESS in the society with the living message of Holy Trio the more blessed our life becomes.Kindly circulate among your friends and encourage and stimulate them also to take part in this interesting and serious study group. Let us all come together under the holy Umbrella of Swami Vivekananda and "Work out the whole problem like lions".
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I am a part of this group and believe me that this is the first group which I have came accross that is so dedicated to spirituality and teachings of the holy trio. There are absolutely no personal attacks, no rubbish talks, no out of track arrogant comments. The quality of the posts are expectional. Anybody serious about their spiritual progress can definately benifit from this group.

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