Saturday, May 17, 2008

Do you aspire for God Realization?

A talk by Swami Krishnananda

Do you aspire for God realization? What is your aim? Do you aspire for God realization? Do you want to enter into the bosom of the creator of the cosmos? What is it that you are thinking? What are you keeping in your mind? Suppose the Absolute calls you, saying, "Come on, I want you." Will you go?

And will you leave this gentleman or this lady here who is with you? You don't care for them, hmm? Or will you take them also?

The Absolute calls every atom of the universe. This is what you call evolution, as scientists would say. Every atom is moving in some direction. This is the evolutionary process. It is a call from the almighty supreme that the world has refused.

We are restless; nobody has peace of mind. This restlessness is caused by the finitude of the personality. You feel limited. You are limited physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, politically, and finally your span of life is also limited. So there is nothing unlimited in this world.

But there is a longing from inside to break this limitation, to break the limitation of space and time itself. You do not like to be confined to a little space. You would like to conquer the whole of space. You want to go to the sun and the moon and the stars and beyond even the limits of space itself. And you would like to defy time by trying to be immortal. This is the urge for expansion in man, due to which he wrongly tries to grab things and become the emperor of the whole world. He would like to conquer everything and make it his own. Even space and time he won't leave alone. That also must be his because space and time limit him.

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