Thursday, May 29, 2008

Arunachala Pancharatna - Ramana Maharshi

Ocean of nectar, full of Grace, engulfing the manifold universe with
boundless light, O Arunachala, Self supreme, be the Dawn in order
that the lotus of the Heart may bloom.

In You , O Arunachala, all this, the phenomenal picture, having been
created and sustained, is absorbed. By nature, you dance as `I' in
the Heart. O Lord, they call you by name `Heart'.

He, who seeks from where the `I' arises, with pure mind, turned
inwards, realising his own nature, O Arunachala, merges in You like
the river in the sea.

Having rejected external objects, with breath and mind controlled,
meditating on You within, the yogi sees the splendor, O Arunachala,
and in You enjoys bliss.

With mind surrendered to You, Always seeing all things as your
appearance, he worships You with love for no other, he is victorious,
Oh Arunachala, in you immersed in bliss.

Ramana Maharshi.

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