Thursday, March 13, 2008

What is iTrans

itrans is a transliteration with automatically converts letters typed in english into the required indian language (hindi, gujarati, marathi, sanskrit, gurumukhi, etc)

For eg. if you want to type:

मेरा नाम --- है।

then you need to type in english:

meraa naama --- hai.

You need an online or an offline convertor like aksharmala.

No other extra sofrware is required.
Regarding fonts, arial unicode MS and shruti (both of them come in win XP) are required. However, more fonts ar available some for free.

All you need is a uncode font. 

And an itrans consonant and vowel chart.

these are available in the downloads link. Please check the chart.

following links might be of help to you.

Transliteration table for sanskrit:

itrans vowels and consonants:

online itrans literation

itrans examples in gujarati and other languages

offline itrans free software

itrans to unicode translator

Eventhough you may not get proper results
on your web browser after posting, or while viewing, 
you will get proper display in the microsoft Word processor.

Follwing are the definitions that might help you.

The "Indian languages TRANSliteration" (ITRANS) is an ASCII transliteration scheme for Indic scripts, particularly, but not exclusively, for Devanagari (used for the Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali, Sindhi and other languages).

The ITRANS computer package also enables automatic conversion of the Roman script to the Indic. It was used to compile the Hindi Song Book on the internet. This became an invaluable source for the words of movie and other popular lyrics of Hindi and some related languages. It also helped popularize the ITRANS romanization scheme for storing and sharing material in the Indic languages, particularly Hindi and Sanskrit, in the electronic media where the English-keyboard Roman script is a very convenient input medium.

What is Aksharamala?

Aksharamala is a standards-based software tool that facilitates inputting content in Indian languages. While enabled, Aksharamala automatically transliterates the English characters you type to a target Indian Language in the application of focus (see demo). Aksharamala works as a conduit between the keyboard and the target application and does not have an UI of its own. It is very flexible in that you can change the target language, the input scheme from the tray app (see snapshot) with the use of a hotkey. It supports the popular ITRANS transliteration scheme and several keyboard layouts such as DOE.

for more information please check the following link

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