Friday, February 29, 2008

Quotes by Jaggi Vasudev

  • How can you love one and hate the other, when the same divine exists in all.

  • Mind is just a garbage bin.

  • Spirituality is about acting out of your inner humanity, if you go deeper, you’ll be acting out of inner divinity. This has nothing to do with morality…the maximum damage to this world has been done with good intensions.

  • A world full of love, light and laughter - its time has come.

  • As many colors of the rainbow are an outcome of one pure light, many religions of the world are an expression of the same divine source.

  • Religions of the world are not bout one man’s belief against another, but an opportunity for all humans to each to their common ultimate source.

  • Individual transformation is the way to global transformation.


Anonymous said...

Swamiji Pranam!
I have a question, how do we learn to not depend emotionally on the other person and become happy with ourselves. How do we learn to be alone yet happy and how do we learn to accept people the way they are instead of wanting them to change? I am having many problems with myself since the day I was married to the guy I loved for 3 yrs before marriage. We are very much in love but argue a lot over small things. I want to give this habit and be happy the way he is and the way I am.

indiaspirituality said...

Dear Divine Soul,

From the standpoint of Bhakti (Devotion), if you believe in any form of God Say Rama or Krishna, then you can complain, argue, demand what you want like, “I want peace of mind”, “I want to give this habit and be happy the way he is and the way I am. Please show me a way”, etc. Do not think that it is not good to demand or complain to God. It is a kind of emotional outlet. After your argument is over, your mind will calm down. The next thought is always positive. So instead of arguing with your husband, you can first decide to tolerate him, and if any argument starts, then instead of reacting / defending yourself, just tolerate him and gulp your reactions. Later you can open up in front of God. Since you are, in a way, communicating with God, God purifies your mind and you will learn how to LET GO. As time passes by, you will clam down and will be able to keep a check on your emotions which trigger you to react from time to time.

Everything is in the mind. It depends upon how you interpret an issue. It all depends upon how you think. Remaining silent has it’s own advantage. It keeps you unbiased and you can understand the reason of his argument. You can understand yourself and him in a much better way. So your conclusion will be more accurate. After the argument / issue is over, just leave the place. Later when mind of both is neutral, then you can conclude to him what do you think. At that time even he will be receptive. So now there are more chances for a compromise, due to better understanding.

The best is not to argue. Still if you enter into argument and after the issue is over you realise that you should not have entered, then instantly pray to God (mentally) to make you remind you not to react and also pray to God to take away negative qualities within you.

Taking things too seriously and too personal sometimes irritates others. And the emotional character many times is dragged by emotions and reacts in unwanted or odd manner. So best is to be neutral.

Expectation is a culprit. Keep a check on it. Surrender it to God.


How do we learn to accept people the way they are instead of wanting them to change?

From Standpoint of Bhakti, God has created each one of us. When God, who is all powerful, the creator of universe, accepts each one of us with his/her positive and negative qualities, then who am I to reject him/her. All are allowed to go to the temple; there is no restriction to anybody. So I will also accept each and everybody as they are.

How do we learn to be alone yet happy?

By surrendering to God and accepting things as they come. Do not plan too much. If the outcome is opposite, it will break down your peace.

By keeping check on your self, your emotions and your expections.

Being alone is not a negative quality. Feeling of Loneliness is a negative quality.

More technical stuff:

How can I accept a person as it is?
By being neutral, unbiased.

How can I be neutral?
By being silent, being clam.

How can I be calm and silent?

Shastras say that doing Japa helps a lot to control your emotions and your mind. When you do Japa, you are neglecting all thoughts and feelings except the name of God. This makes your mind one-pointed and strong. You gradually develop control over your mind, so if you find that the best way is to be silent, which is actually the best way, then you can remain silent. Your mind will no more pull you and force you to react. You know what is right and wrong and what needs to be done. You are in a better position to judge the issue.

DO NOT expect yourself to change immediately. Give yourself some time.


Whenever anything unlikely happens, just pray to god to take it away. To pray does not mean that you should know some definite word or verse. Pray is the expression of heart. It is directly connected to heart. Simple words like “oh god please take away my irritation and doubtfulness away” is enough. This is the most simplest way to be neutral, to decrease ego.

Another way: Self Analysis

Most common practice or advice in Yog is dairy writing. In the night, recall and write atleast 10 pleasant events in a day. When I was told this, on the first day I could hardly recall 3-4 pleasant events. This makes us to realise how much time we smile in a day.

Meditation on Breadth.

You may find autosuggestion useful. (

For 10 mins, just be aware of your breadth. Do not force to breath in a particular rhythm. Just be aware of breadth. Be aware of inhalation and exhalation . Be aware of nostrils. If done daily for a month at same time, will produce good result.

If at all you wish to depend on anyone, then depend upon God.



indiaspirituality said...


Chanting God's name and singing His glories, and discriminating between the Real and the unreal — these are the means to employ to see Him."

Please read

I think this will definitely help you. If the divine words of Sri Ramakrishna influence you, then please read his biography, "Sri Sri Ramakrishna Lilaprasanga" or "Sri Ramakrishna - the great master"




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