Table Of Contents - Sorted by Date

How TOC Works:

  1. By default TOCshows posts sorted date wise in descending order i.e. Newest Posts are listed first.
  2. Clicking on 'POST LABEL' to show posts sorted descending date i.e. Newer Pots are sown first. CLicking second time will change sort order to 'Date wise ascending'
  3. Clicking on 'POST TITLE' Sorts posts. However it is unclear how it works. Ideally, it should sort Alphabetically. Hence ignore sorting 'POST TITLE'
  4. Label Column shows labels applied to posts. One post may contain more than one Label. Hence it may display multiple labels for one post. Click on any label to filter posts that are categorised under selected label. Title of TOC also shows number of posts under the selected label.
  5. To return back to all posts, lick on Column heading 'LABELS'
  6. Since there are about 700 posts, it may take some time to load TOC 


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